Moose Mods

The Bull Moose journey continues.  It has been such a great pleasure to receive all of the interest in what has come to be known as the “Bull Moose”.  What started as a rather simple completion project has morphed any number of times into what is now something truly unique and remarkable.  The performance of this aircraft is outstanding, making this a very viable and versatile aircraft.  It is proving to satisfy a special niche in the adventure aircraft market.  From all of this the business MooseMods has been born to continue the journey making this proven package available to other builders.

 While the very stout Murphy Moose airframe is the foundation for this aircraft, any number of field tested upgrades are proving to be of great use, both in terms of convenience and rugged backcountry application.  The Bull Moose has yet to be mated to the awaiting amphibious floats, but significant interest is growing for the use of our engine package for water operations.  We expect that mate up to occur over the next year…so stay tuned for performance updates for those operations as well.

 I continue to be very pleased with the selection of this LS3 480 hp engine for the Bull Moose, and how well all selected systems are working together to make for some outstanding performance and reliability. To also accommodate those builders and owners of the Murphy Super Rebel series, we are now also making available the “Super Moose” airframe upgrades and using a LS3 380 hp engine as a great match up for that SR platform.

We are currently in the process of getting all tooling and jigs in place for the production of engine mounts, the heavy duty “V” brace, the unique four into one headers, and the mold to create the very efficient cowling for both the Bull Moose and Super Moose.  Those will be completed soon and we will be ready to begin taking orders for both the FWF engines and airframe upgrades by the first of 2019!  At this moment many of the fuselage upgrades can be made available rather quickly, so no need to wait on those if you are in the build process and would like to do the much easier to install upgrades at this time.

In preparing for production, much thought has been given to delivery times once an order is placed and a deposit received.  Most of the components we are using are readily available so a 60 day delivery of the components only package is feasible.  If a builder would like a completed  “Plug and Play” set up, either to be installed by the builder on the airframe at one’s own location, or for us to do it at ours, anticipate another 45 days in the time line.  In working with the supplier of the PSRU, the bell housing can be provided within the 60 day window from ordering date so that it may be mated to the engine and installation to the airframe may occur.  The final gear box assembly which attaches to the bell housing we anticipate to be a 90 day from order delivery.  Once that is installed the propeller may then be attached.  It is to be noted also however that once all liquids are in the engine, and PSRU and gear oil are installed, the engine may be started and the SDS ECU initial programming may be completed without the propeller.  That makes for a convenient and safe early run up process.  MooseMods has invested a great deal of time to develop proprietary ECU programming which only we can provide for this package.

We are presently able to provide three places in our current facility for builder assistance in the airframe build as well as our exclusive LS engine installations. There is a nearby RV park as well as local motels for accommodations.  We are also collaborating with some former Murphy employees who are expert with these aircraft to also assist builders in all phases of construction. Keep an eye out for an announcement shortly as they become an official part of our team.

We will be publishing regular updates on the availability of all of our packages, as well as progress and adventures of our builders.  Watch for “Moose Tracks” in our website including product updates and adventures as we share together building, maintaining and enjoying these great adventure aircraft!   I would welcome your ideas and suggestions as to the most helpful and beneficial information which we may provide.


Ray Watson

Adventure West Aviation, LLC