This has been an incredibly busy year with many twists and turns. Some expected...many not...but that is the way of all grand adventures!  In any event, all is moving forward well to allow us to begin taking orders on either of our LS3 Engine Performance Packages, as well as our airframe upgrades as of February 1, 2019.  See the latest information on the new "Fuselage Upgrade" page at 

The 480 HP engine and the fuselage upgrades will qualify this completed aircraft to proudly display the "Bull Moose" designation.  A numbered and engraved placard will be provided by MooseMods upon completion to make note of this unique aircraft.  

We have also added the 380 HP version of the LS3 engine to our line up for installation in the Murphy Super Rebel, Yukon and other similar aircraft.  We also make available our specific airframe upgrades for those Murphy products as well.  This particular engine and the model specific airframe upgrades will meet our requirements of the "Super Moose" designation. Upon your completion of this package we will provide a numbered and engraved placard for you to proudly announce your aircraft "Super Moose" identity.  

We are now offering positions in the engine delivery schedule with a fully refundable deposit of $2,000.  This is not a requirement, but rather an option which will allow customers a prioritized target date for delivery of their engine.  This will also provide a "right of first refusal" so if they are not quite ready for their engine to be delivered, they will simply be "bumped" to the next position in line, and retain the security of their delivery priority.  This deposit will be held in a dedicated escrow account for security. We are glad to talk with you about option that as you near ordering your LS3 engine package.

The most recent undertaking of the moment is the design and fabrication of a unique modular mold for our proven cowling to allow a more cost effective option for builders who would like to tackle some of that element and savings which will be allowed.  We will make these components available in both fiberglass and carbon fiber. Pricing is yet to be determined but the target for this is in the $3,000.00 range with some variation in costs with fiberglass and carbon fiber.  We will post the exact figure as this mold and initial layup process progress.

We have gone to great lengths over the past months to conduct a significant amount of data logging with our SDS ignition and fuel management system to assure the most precise Air/Fuel Mixture ratios, and targeting a specific maximum EGT for the best overall performance and efficiency. All of our packages will include the proprietary programming of those settings we have developed for the exclusive benefit of our customers.  This in and of itself saves you months of trial and error...and white knuckles in trying to get it just right.

Also, the last many months worth of flight testing and fine tuning of our engine system in the Bull Moose has allowed us to address issues which can only be found and fixed with extensive time in the air and data logging in both flight and ground operational regimes.  As a result of this significant investment of time some important changes have been made to some of the accessories provided with the new crate engines we use to provide the level of performance and reliability which we demand.  Those items are included in our package pricing and are proprietary as well for the exclusive benefit of our customers.  You as our customer may rest assured that each component we use in our packages has been field tested for reliability and functionality.  This may be an appropriate place for a personal confession.  I HATE to be always fiddling with things...really!  What I prefer is to take whatever time is needed on the front end of any project to assure that it is approached in a manner that considers all best options, best components, and the best cooperation among them, then executes that undertaking in a manner that leads toward a very functional and rewarding outcome.  Honestly, there are times where I wish "good enough" would work, and allow for a speedier outcome, but hat is not going to lead to a well designed and operational system.  Like many of you I'm sure, many middle of the night conversations with self, and contemplation of a desired outcome however lead toward a far more satisfying result.  

Like many things I have chosen to do in life, it was probably a good thing that I did not know all of the inevitable hiccups along the way before diving in!  This R&D journey in particular is NOT for the faint of heart (!), but I do have to admit that the rewards of this process are many.  Among those the emergence of a truly unique and spectacular aircraft in the Bull Moose, and the adventures to be enjoyed.  Further, and by no means the lessor...getting to know those of you who have expressed serious interest in installing one of our engine packages and simply enjoying together this wonderful passion we share.

Thank you!!

Ray Watson

Adventure Aviation West, LLC


Come and see the Bull Moose at the Big Creek Fly In on Saturday, June 15th.  Hope to see you there!

Ray's Reflections:.

During a much appreciated break from our ongoing winter weather, noted backcountry pilot, Herb Millhorn came by for a visit and a first hand taste of flying the LS3 powered Bull Moose. Herb is the featured pilot in the 90 minute video "Idaho Exposed" and is a highly recognized backcountry expert, so his feedback is greatly valued. I wanted to share with you a note I received from Herb after our flight.

Hi Ray

Thanks for the ride in the Bull Moose. It’s performance is incredible.

I own and have flown high performance STOL air planes for the last 30 years and I’m not a stranger in Idaho’s wilderness areas.

Finally someone has taken the technology, the fuel efficiency, the dependability, and the power to weight ratio of a modern, high performance piston engine and applied it to aviation. It truly is: "Turbine power for piston engine price".

That is a lofty goal, but you seem to have accomplished it. 500 horse power makes the Bull Moose an impressive STOL plane and at 170 mph+ TAS, a respectable traveling plane.

The redundancy of your fuel and electrical systems adequately address my safety concerns. Engine failure is rare. The failure of engine support systems is much more common.

The torque from 500 hp. is very significant when it is passed through a small PSRU gear box. After looking at your gear box and its design, I’m satisfied that it is more than adequate.

Your entire package is Neat, Clean, Simple and Safe. If I could get blessings of the FAA I would have your conversion in my Cessna 185 in a heartbeat!


ALSO:  Come and see us at Oshkosh.  We have side by side booths with BRC Aircraft, Murhpy Aircraft specialists, in booths 638 and 639..


Moose Mods

The Latest

Thanks Herb!.

​​As always...there is a lot going on at MooseMods during the month of May. With all of the behind the scenes work taking place in the hangar and the processing orders received for our LS3 Engine packages and airframe upgrades, I have been behind in getting more videos and performance data published.
To keep those parts of things moving forward, I have hired noted aviation photographer Erik Johnston from the Dallas area to come to our site in later May and do a series of air to air videos and still shots to give a much better sense of the Bull Moose in action. At the same time another well known national magazine will be here preparing a cover story article on the Bull Moose for release later this Spring. I will provide a heads up when I have confirmation of that release.
I have also scheduled some flying time with noted back country pilot, Herb Millhorn to spend a couple of days doing some performance data collection on the Bull Moose that we'll publish near the end of the month.
Later in May am also planning on a few days at BRC Aircraft in Chilliwack, B.C to do some joint promotion of the Bull Moose and our collaboration in aircraft and engine packages this next year. Stay tuned for some very interesting developments!
Summer plans are coming together with a booth at Oshkosh, the Arlington ,WA, Fly-In, and High Sierra Fly-In in October. As other trips to mainly Idaho backcountry destinations and other events get on the books, I'll give notices for those who have been wanting to see the Bull Moose in action.
Hope to see you out there!