*ATTENTION:  The  "Bull Moose, Super Moose and Monster Moose" designations and assemblies are proprietary model names and packages developed by MooseMods who hold the exclusive right for the use of those named identifiers. Others using those names in their advertising do so without authorization and infringe on our intellectual property..

​​LS3 430 HP "Plug and Play" package: $60,995.00

The Airframe

Engine Install Pictures

​PLEASE NOTE:  The above prices do not include any sales taxes, shipping and/or customs fees assigned by our vendors or State/Province of production/delivery, etc..  Those vary from time to time depending on vendors and policies in their business environments.

NOTE:  The major COVID scenario is which had caused a number of scheduling and delivery delays with our significant number of vendors is slowly improving. However this continues to impact our delivery schedule, and pricing .  We continue to do everything possible to facilitate the most time efficient delivery of our systems and will keep you in the communication loop.  Thank you for your patience!

Advantages of SDS vs. Conventional Aircraft Engine Systems

Virtually zero maintenance, lower fuel flows due to better mixture distribution, automatic mixture control, no carb heat, smoother running, no mag checks, no live mag issues, longer engine life due to proper mixture control and less bore washing are some of the major benefits of EFI.
Only MooseMods has developed proprietary programming of the SDS system from extensive in flight testing for efficient and safe operation of our LS3 packages.

Our second generation PSRU, now owned by our sister company, LSaeroengines, LLC,  provides a well proven system to accommodate the power of the LS3 Engine.  Designed to be used for engines up to 750 hp, this unit is also capable of using two PTO adapters to drive both hydraulic prop governor and other accessory if desired.  This is a very robust and well produced unit with a great track record. Since having recently acquired the ownership of this unit, we are actively pursuing having it produced in the US. That will allow us to better manage production scheduling and maintain our high standards for the quality of each component.

Photo of aircraft 3 1/8 panel mount display head (backlit). With V17-29.2 software, has 4 gauge modes to display, manifold pressure, rpm, engine temperature, induction temperature, battery voltage, fuel flow, injector duty cycle, throttle position, acceleration enrichment, mixture knob position, ignition timing and O2 sensor voltage. Also displays error codes for sensor failures, check engine light feature and allows full programming of the system in flight.​

NOTE:  The use of this engine package requires the use of our "​Bull Moose" airframe upgrade package.

LS 3 480 hp MooseMods "Plug and Play" package:  $61,995 US.  This as ordered Firewall Forward package is ready to bolt to your airframe, connect provided SDS wiring harness, connect to your fuel management system of your choice (we have one available) add fuel, engine oil, PSRU gear oil, connect provided SDS harness, and ready for start up.  Allow 90 days lead time. *See above note regarding vendor delays.

During the often lengthy process of R&D and extensive hands on flight testing, we discovered that some of the external factory installed engine components were not up to the task of our reliability expectations. That being the case we have come up with high quality SFI approved replacements which have proven to meet the performance and reliability expectation we have for our engine packages. These are unique to our packages and not available elsewhere. We have also developed a proprietary tuning formula of the well proven SDS system to achieve the delicate balance of Air Fuel Ratios and how those impact the critical EGT management.  We will program the SDS systems we install to assure the best balance of those critical programs. We also provide for our customers specific data on critical fuel rail PSI.

Firewall Forward Packages

LS3 525 HP "Plug and Play" Package:.  $62,995.00.

                             LS3 Aircraft Engines

As designed and developed exclusively by MooseMods and LSaeroengines for the Murphy Moose, Super Rebel as well as other utilitarian and performance aircraft.

Note:       It is highly recommended that the use of this engine package requires our

                ​MooseMods  airframe upgrades.  See information and pricing information below.

NOTE:  The above packages do not include propeller or governor.  We are happy to help you locate those of your choosing and coordinate the acquisition. Prices are subject to change due to vendor and supplier changes in pricing structure.  We do our best to continually negotiate the best pricing and pass savings along to you!

                 MooseMods custom 4 into 1 stainless headers:  $2,750. 

                 Ready to trim fit modular carbon fiber cowling cowling: $5,750.

                 Fiberglass spinner and backing plate:  $1,250.

                 Firewall Aft Fuel Management System:  $3,995.

                 High Output PSRU Thrust Support System:  $895.

                 PSRU PTO:  $995.

                 PSRU Chip Detector:  $ tbd

                 ​Allow 60 days lead time.  

The SUPER MOOSE package includes the 430 horsepower version of the same LS3 engine used in the BULL MOOSE.  All of the same proven components are used in this package.  The 430 hp version is an excellent choice for an owner wanting greatly improved performance and operational economy beyond the currently available standard aircraft engines for either the standard SR 2500 or SR 3500 airframes.  Let's talk about your aircraft mission needs and see if this package would serve you well..

With the wide range of options an owner has to consider, let's talk about what will best serve your needs and we will be glad to put together some firm numbers.  For starters, we assemble and ship a ready to bolt on "Plug and Play" engine package, or do a complete install of the desired package with your airframe at our facility. The FWF packages include a new GM Factory engine, PSRU with bell housing, harmonic dampening coupling, propeller flange, SDS Engine Management System, engine mounts, cooling system, alternator, starter, and MooseMods proprietary upgrades.

Not included are header tank, fuel pumps and firewall aft fuel management system (available options), and throttle and propeller controls and mounts.  We have options available as builders determine their preferred installation locations and function.

The desire to develop a new generation, strong performing and reliable power plant led to the decision to use the GM LS 3 series engine for a range of aircraft applications.  The design of the 480/495 HP version used here in the Bull Moose was such that it was built for continuous high rpm by the use of a special camshaft and valve train for that application and a very flat torque curve.  Those elements and the readily available power plant made it an obvious choice.  It has proven to be a light, compact and high power to weight ratio engine which is demonstrating it's reliability in many applications.   The use of our upgraded PSRU with the 2.11:1 reduction ratio, is proving to be an excellent package and one in which we are very comfortable in supplying to our customers.


​​​NOTE:  The use of this engine package requires the use of our "​Bull Moose" airframe upgrade package.

See more detailed information and pricing on the airframe upgrades we have developed in the new "Fuselage Upgrades" page.


Moose Mods

The  MONSTER MOOSE package includes the 525 horsepower version of the same LS3 engine used in the BULL MOOSE.  All of the same proven components are used in this package.  The 525 HP version is an excellent choice for an owner wanting greatly improved performance, particularly for float operations.

The dyno chart shows the "sweet spot" of this engine to be at 5,200 rpm producing 480 hp and 480 ft-lbs. of torque, which is a perfect match to our 2.11:1 PSRU giving a take off RPM of approximately 2,500 for the propeller.  Engine cruise rpm of 4,000 produces 330hp, 450 ft-lbs of torque, and gives a prop rpm of just under 1,900, making for very strong and economical operation.