Complete 450 hp Engine and PSRU Package available.

Impeccable low mileage and well cared for classic.  55,000 miles, no damage. New engine battery, clear bra, great tires.  Call Ray for more information at 970.222.5873.

​The ability to change the pitch in flight is as significant for the airplane pilot as for the driver of a car to shift gears in the transmission. This results in substantial savings in fuel, engine wear and noise.

Pilot controls the pitch through the toggle switch mounted in the cockpit. Pressing the toggle switch one way sends electric current through the graphite brushes to the slip rings and finally to the electric motor.

Depressing the toggle switch the other way-reverses the polarity of the current and the rotation of the electric motor. The pitch change operation is similar to the power windows in an automobile. As long as you hold the switch in one direction the pitch changes in that direction and you observe the result on your RPM meter. Torque from the electric motor is multiplied in a planetary gear drive which turns the lead screw.

Lead screw is supported by a thrust bearing and converts it's rotary motion into axial movement of the spool. The spool is linked to the supercams which turn the torsional rods. Torsional rods transmit the movement from the center of the prop to the outside section of the blade. This causes the blade to twist therefore changing the pitch in the same manner as the ground adjustable system.

Movement of the spool can be restricted each way by inserting washers on the lead screw. This limits maximum and minimum pitch and prevents engine over-revving.
 Can be adapted to other engines. Ground adjustable prop can be converted to the In flight Adjustable system by means of a retrofit kit. In-flight adjustable hub comes assembled with instructions on how to use it. 

IVOPROP Electric In-Flight Adjustable Magnum Model  
For engines up to 700 hp , 84" blades, all  protected by stainless steel leading edges 
good for fast planes has scaled down magnum shape, light, strong, efficient, quiet, smooth, beautiful high gloss black gelkote finish  easily and quickly converts from 3 blade into 2 blade configuration - giving you a spare blade. Blades individually replaceable.

Retail:  $3,500

USED PRICE: (70 hours TT):  $1,750.00  Call Ray for further information at 970.222.5873 

IVO Constant speed electrically operated in fight adjustable 3 blade prop, spinner and governor.     $1,750.00


Extremely clean and well cared for, less than 90k miles. Staggered AMG rims.  Good tires, no chips or dings, new clear bra.

For mor information call Ray at 970.222.5873.


Moose Mods

1993 40th Anniversary Corvette

Very clean, 74,000 miles, new tires.  $9,000

Call Ray at 970.222.5873 for more information.

Very clean and solid 150G.  7757TT,  1992 SMOH.  Continental 0-200; All cylinders strong, running well with 08/13/2017 Annual Inspection.  Basic VRF, great for inexpensive and fun flying.

​This complete package includes the well proven Rodeck Aluminum Block engine based on the Chevrolet small block 350 cu in.  It puts out 450 hp at 5,200 rpm and was used as the test engine in developing the Bull Moose prototype.  While it performed very well, in anticipation of going into production with a Firewall Forward package for Murphy Moose, Super Rebel and other recreational aircraft, a decision was made to use the more readily available LS3 engine for the package we are now producing.  This engine will be sold with a fresh "0" time overhaul and with the low time CAM 500 PSRU by Firewall Forward.  That unit was sent out for an elective inspection at the factory and comes with the remaining 46 months of factory warrantee. It has dual MSD ignition boxes, MSD Distributor, all recently overhauled by the factory, dual coils, selector hardware and all new plug wiring harness.  It comes with a 4 barrel 750cfm Holly carb, with a mixture block for manual mixture control.  It also includes the custom Murphy Bull Moose four into one exhaust headers with ceramic coating in and out for great inner cowling temperature reduction.  Does not include accessory mounts, vacuum pump and prop governor. Does include chrome alternator and billet mount. Individual component cost is in excess of $32,000.  Price as described above is $23,500 with fresh overhaul on engine. Will consider offers or trades.

Call Ray for further information at 970.222.5873.

2000 Mercedes CLK 430

For Sale   $11,500.00

This car has been the recipient of much TLC and care by its current owner.  Call Ray at 970.222.5873 for more information.

2003 Mercedes SL 500

For Sale  $21,000.

Murphy Moose Kit for Sale  

This very unique bike was built by the Thunder Mountain Custom works in Fort Collins, CO.  I has a remarkable custom paint job which attracts much attention and gives "Pride of Ownership" new meaning.  It has a Screaming Eagle engine, straight pipes, lots of chrome, 80 spoke wheels, Michelin tires and much more. Comes with Ostrich leather custom single seat, as well as leather two up seat with quick attach sissy bar and luggage rack.  45,000 miles, runs very strong...a pleasure to ride.  Call Ray for more information at 970.222.5873.

2002 Custom Harley Softail  Thunder Mountain Gunnison For Sale      ​$11,500

This is a late series virgin kit still in the original crates, including windshield, and M-14 mount and cowling.  It also includes the latest Murphy fuselage upgrades. Still in original crates, always in dry storage and inventory has been confirmed as complete. This is a rare find and less in cost than original purchase price.  This is a true "Barn Find"!

​Call Ray for further details.

​Price:  $40,000.00