Moose Mods

​​Fuselage Upgrade Kits by MooseMods.

Bull Moose

This kit includes all necessary forward skins and internal structural upgrades for the use of the LS3 480 HP, 525HP and 630HP upgrades.  Included are new pre-cut door posts internal and external skins of .063 6130-T6*, .063 boot cowl skins, additional .032 forward belly skin, upper engine mount carry through boot cowl areato HD Door Post structure, rear fuselage channel reinforcements, tail section stringers and doublers and a .032 extended tail skin. These upgrades will increase empty weight by approximately 25 pounds. 

           *Either standard door post outline skins or those to accommodate the

             recommended Gull Wing doors.  Gull Wing door frames available for an

             additional $750 pair, does not include glass, hinge or latching hardware. 
Bull Moose Fuselage Upgrade Kit: $1,975.00 US. 

Horizontal Stabilizer Strut Brace Kit: $450.00

Heavy Duty V Brace: $250.00

Extended Baggage with Door Kit:  $1,250.00
NOTE:  These prices are subject to change depending upon market costs for materials.  An order must accompany a 50% down payment.  Balance due prior to shipping. Allow 60 days from order to shipping.  


Super Moose

The Super Moose fuselage upgrade kit for the 380 HP and 430 HP packages  include all of the Bull Moose forward skin and internal structure upgrades, as well as door post Skins and internal door post channel. Upgrades also include stringers for the strengthening of the tail cone section aft of the cabin area, as well as the new extended tail area skin. These upgrades will increase empty weight by approximately 20 pounds.

Super Moose Fuselage Upgrade Kit:  $1,575.00 US.
NOTE: This price is subject to change depending upon market costs for materials.
An order must accompany a 50% down payment.  Balance due prior to shipping. Allow 30 days from order to shipping.  

Horizontal Strut Brace Kit for use on Super Moose:  $450.00 

NOTE: With the exception of the Heavy Duty “V” brace and engine mount carry through, all of these upgrades may be installed in a completed Moose or Super Rebel airframe.  Information will be provided with each kit describing best practices for installation of each element to be installed.  To install the HD “V” brace and carry through hardware to the engine mount in an existing aircraft, it is necessary to remove the wings and windshield, so obviously much easier to do doing a regular build process.  FWIW...I have done it in a completed airframe...a bit of a chore but most certainly worth the effort for the results it provides.

Further note:  Most if not all of the Super Moose upgrades may be applied as well to the Yukon airframe.

Generally speaking we can ship a fuselage upgrade package within 60 days of receiving a 50% deposit. Order will ship or be available for pickup with payment in full.  We do accept PayPal and use that as our preferred means of payment for engine and fuselage packages.

As always...feel free to call with any questions.




Both the original Moose and Super Rebel aircraft have a well earned reputation of being both robust and versatile airframes.  It is also the case that given the type of service these rugged aircraft are engaged in, and the significant horsepower now being made available with our LS3 engine packages, some important and cost effective fuselage upgrades are being offered as well..

Structural Upgrade Kits to build your Bull Moose or Super Moose.