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Ray has a 40 year career in aviation activities as a CMEI rated pilot, using a  number of certified aircraft in business pursuits, including  high performance singles and twins.  He has been a “hands on” owner/operator and brings a great appreciation for the utility and maintenance required for the safe and enjoyable use of aircraft for business and recreational purposes.  While now living in a region which is known for tremendous back country flying, he has expanded those interests to both enjoy those activities in tail wheel aircraft and be actively involved in the development of products to further expand the utility and performance of back country and recreational aircraft. 

MooseMods is a division of AAW, LLC dedicated to providing some meaningful LS3 engine options for performance and utility to the already robust Murhpy Moose and Super Rebel aircraft.

AAW, LLC continues to provide a wide range of aircraft services specializing in backcountry aircraft.  We also provide the LS3 Engine package through for other high performance aircraft applications.

We are presently a dealer for Dynon and MGL avionics. We can install those on site as well as any Garmin package you may desire.  Feel free to contact us regarding your preferred avionics installation and we'll be glad to put some numbers together for you..

Joe brings a rich aviation background to the AAW, LLC, having studied Astronautical Engineering at the United  States Air Force Academy, as well as serving as a USAF Pilot. 

He is currently a Captain for American Airlines, flies a turbo Lake Amphibian and is presently building his own Murphy Moose to eventually enjoy  flying on amphibious floats to his lake home in Texas.

Joe is an avid aviation enthusiast and pilot educator, recognized expert in Aviation Safety Standards and Practices and brings great knowledge, experience and enthusiasm to our team in support of our efforts to bring performance and utility products to the recreational aircraft market.


Josh Stueck

Shop Aircraft Building and Assembly Support.

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Josef Prem

Product Sales

Central and Eastern Regions
 (817) 437-9428

Product Sales, Customer Support

​We are pleased to add an outstanding young man to our team here at MooseMods. Meet Josh who brings a great love of flying and a tremendous work ethic to our team. He says: "I’ve always loved flying and the idea that the air around you can be used as a cushion for transportation. I worked for a flight school while in high school, I went to the Reno Air Races on a racing crew, I’m almost done with my commercial rating, and I’m currently in A&P school. The size of the world shrinks when you can fly and I enjoy exploring it. My second passion is skiing with my home mountain being 49ﹾ North."
Over the past year Josh has distinguished himself as a competent and valued employee.  He has recently taken over the roll of supporting our present crew of five employees in the airframe assembly process.  Congrats Josh!

Moose Mods is the newest division to emerge from the activities of  
Adventure Aviation West, LLC.

The long standing work of AAW, LLC has been recognized as providing quality services for discriminating aircraft owners.  Those services have included airframe repair,  fabric replacement, engine overhauls and upgrades, performance enhancing equipment,  and cosmetic details to satisfy those for whom "Pride of Ownership" is an important element of their aviation experience.

We are currently operating our primary facilities in the Pacific Northwest.  We would be pleased to discuss your interests and needs so that we provide you with quality services and a great customer experience with our well qualified and engaging team of professionals.

We also provide aircraft brokerage services in the acquisition and resale of bush and recreational type aircraft. See the "For Sale" section for available aircraft and additional information.

Ray Watson
Owner of Adventure Aviation West, LLC

and the divisions MooseMods and LSaeroengines.

Western US and Canada
 (970) 222.5873

Product Development, Sales, Marketing            and Customer Support.

We want to give credit to the talented Bonnie Cazier for her wonderful contribution to our marketing efforts in the logo and web designs of her unique creation.

​​​Bonnie brings a rich background in Graphic Design, Marketing and Media Relations.  For many years she was the art director for Browning Arms where she produced their annual sales catalogue, and later with the Harry and David business enterprise. She is a well known western theme artist and professional photographer.