Moose Mods

‚Äč                  Adventure Aviation West, LLC.

The long standing work of AAW, LLC has been recognized as providing quality services for discriminating aircraft owners.  Those services have included airframe repair,  fabric replacement, engine overhauls and upgrades, performance enhancing equipment,  and cosmetic details to satisfy those for whom "Pride of Ownership" is an important element of their aviation experience.

We are currently operating our primary facilities in the Pacific Northwest at 1S9, just north of Spokane, WA.  We would be pleased to discuss your interests and needs so that we provide you with quality services and a great customer experience with our well qualified and engaging team of professionals.

AAW, LLC is the parent company for both MooseMods and LSaeroengines.  Please stay tuned for updates to both of those sites...lot's of great things happening!

We also provide aircraft brokerage services in the acquisition and resale of bush and recreational type aircraft. See the "For Sale" section for available aircraft and additional information.