This is NOT your grandfather's automotive conversion, but a new era in the application of a well proven powerplant and systems to make this a viable option for builders in a wide range of aircaft!

Moose Mods

LS3 AeroEngines.


This is an exciting time in the world of aviation with many developments and innovations in both aircraft design and engine applications. We are excited to be a part of both, particularly in the application of the highly regarded LS engine series developed by General Motors.

We have been involved in the application and testing of the LS3 version of that engine series in the Murphy Moose and are more than pleased with the results in that airframe.

Now that we have completed the necessary R&D to bring that airframe and engine package to the marketplace, we are now expanding that knowledge in application to other backcountry and performance aircraft.

On the list at this point are other larger backcountry aircraft such as the AeroComp, Cyclone, Bush Hawk and Experimental Category Wilga aircraft.  Also under consideration are some of the excellent RV products which could benefit well from one of our packages.

In the meantime take a look at the Moose Performance Mods page to see current images of the package we at MooseMods have developed.

Stay tuned for ongoing updates and always feel free to give us a call about your interest in one of our engine packages for your aircraft.