Moose Mods

LS3 AeroEngines.

This is NOT your grandfather's automotive conversion, but a new era in the application of a well proven powerplant and proven complimentary systems which in and of themselves have an excellent service history, to make this a viable option for builders in a wide range of aircraft!

This is an exciting time in the world of aviation with many developments and innovations in both aircraft design and engine applications. We are excited to be a part of both, particularly in the application of the highly regarded LS engine series developed by General Motors.

We have been the front runner in the application and testing of the LS3 version of that engine series in the Murphy Moose and are more than pleased with the results in that airframe.  This platform has allowed a unique testing platform on which to also develop necessary accessories for reliability and efficiency of operation.

Now that we have completed the necessary R&D to bring that airframe and engine package to the marketplace, we are now expanding that knowledge in application to other backcountry and performance aircraft.

On the list at this point are other larger backcountry aircraft such as the AeroComp, Bear Hawk,  Cyclone, Experimental Category Helio Courier,  and Experimental Category Wilga aircraft.  Also under consideration are some of the excellent RV products and others which could benefit well from one of our packages for high performance aircraft.  The LS3 aircraft engine power package we have developed is very adaptable to other applications, of course requiring aircraft specific mounts and cowlings.

In the meantime take a look at the Moose LS3 Performance Mods page to see current images of the package we at MooseMods have developed.

Stay tuned for ongoing updates and always feel free to give us a call about your interest in one of our engine packages for your aircraft.

We as a company are always available to discuss both technical and practical issues in the use of our engine packages.  We will also send our family of owners Service Bulletins as may be required to this section of our website as we discover items in service which may need attention for  the all important matter of safety, reliability and the efficient use of our engine package in your aircraft.


​​Sometime ago I made an announcement about a situation in which another individual was making false claims to be the designer of our exclusive LSaeroengines LS3 engine packages.  At that point I chose to leave he and his company unnamed, to provide an opportunity to withdraw those claims in response to an official Cease and Desist letter from our attorney.  Unfortunately, while a number of images were removed from the individual’s website, images of our engine package and performance data continue to be used in his marketing efforts. Most recently this party displayed a banner picturing our engine package at an air show booth, implying design ownership, in which he was marketing his engine.  That clearly violates any sense of integrity in this matter. In addition, this individual has recently added to his website the text of a "Letter of Reference" from me, identified as a “testimonial” and implying that it is an endorsement of his company and product. That is the clear misuse of an otherwise intended statement. Due to the ongoing confusion this situation creates among customers and the aviation community, I reluctantly am bringing the name of Scott Hermance and Aerotech, to the attention as the person and company in question. 

The Letter of Reference on Scott’s website is one which I had provided to him in 2016 before discovering the defective work referenced in my previous disclaimer.  This letter was not intended as a testimonial to his business nor his product, but rather an attempt on my part to help him secure some employment at that time.  It is unfortunate that since then, Scott has continued to make claims as to being the developer of our exclusive engine packages, and uses our images to support that misrepresentation.  He continues to claim performance figures for his one off LS3 package which are in fact those demonstrated only by our Bull Moose. The engine package Scott is attempting to sell is significantly different, does not contain elements from our evolved and well tested system, and has not been installed or flight tested in an operational aircraft.  He therefore cannot claim any actual performance data, and most certainly not that which we alone demonstrate. 

I sincerely regret the need to address this issue again and name the party and company involved.  This is done only in response to a failure to comply with our request to not infringe on the use of our intellectual property and the attempt to lead customers to believe that I have endorsed Aerotech’s product and services. Any well informed customer will certainly appreciate the countless hours and financial resources which have been invested in the development of our Firewall Forward packages. This is a matter of preserving both the rights to our intellectual property and product, as well as providing cautionary information to our great aviation community.

Ray Watson
Owner: MooseMods and LSaeroengines

Now…onto better things for the New Year!