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Hear the Bull Moose start up and ride along for some local sight seeing with photographer Erik Johnston.

Taking The Murphy Moose to another level in Power, PERFORMANCE and Style

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FINALLY!  ​We have been working for some time with Dan Dufault, the designer of the T3 Tail Spring assembly, to produce a proprietary product for the Moose and Super Rebel aircraft. Given the utility of the Moose in particular with our structural upgrades, this new system is designed to accommodate up to 4,000# GW.

We are pleased to announce that we have completed our design this system which is easily retrofittable and we are now taking orders.  Price is established at $1,375.00.  Tailwheel not included but various options available. Please call Ray for additional information.

The concept and motivation behind MooseMods is simple:  Take a well designed airframe and focus on powerplant development and airframe enhancements for:

  • Improved performance with greater engine power and fuel efficiency using the well proven LS3 engine in a complete FWF package of our design

  • The use of new digital technology for ease of in- flight engine management


  • Aerodynamically efficient cowling for better speed and forward visibility

  • Structural Upgrades for Expanded Airframe Ruggedness and Operational Utility

  • Improved Personal Conveniences and In Flight Environmental Visibiliy……and an important measure of “Cool” thrown in for good measure! 

We have now completed the latest stage of R&D in our exclusive LS3 Aircraft Engine Package with data logging to provide more precise fuel/air mixture ratio information.

Watch some exciting in-flight video of a recent trip in and out of Elk River, Idaho and the beautiful surrounding terrain.

See brief new engine mount modification:


Moose Mods


New walk around of our Gen 2 engine packages:

Monster Moose 525 HP on amphibious floats! 


See new walk around video introduction of the Bull Moose airframe and our exclusive LS 3 engine installation:



Moose Mods custom Murphy Moose adaptation


             the recent article featuring the Bull

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Cool night shot by Erik Johnston during recent photo shoot!

 We are very pleased to announce the availability of our new pivoting trailing link main gear support. This is a two part system.  We provide an additional element for inside the main landing gear box to create a truss support tied to PN FUS 331.  That component adds significant support for heavy download landing forces.  The external support component, pivots freely with the spring gear action and provides significant strength to carry the moment arm loads for the tall main gear, especially with larger tires.

Moose Mods, Murphy Moose customized LS3 Corvette engine adaptation

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See the recent flight review and testimonial feedback from noted backcountry pilot Herb Millhorn in the Moose Tracks page.  Thank you Herb!.

Video by FLYER magazine

The Concept


We are able to also provide LS3 ENGINE PACKAGES for Legend, Titan T-51, Bearhawk, Aero Comp, CYCLONE, Experimental Wilga, Experimental Helio Courier, and other custom backcountry and high performance aircraft.   

See take off video from a trip to our flying neighbors in BC. NOTE:  These are not intended to demonstrate STOL capability, rather conservative operation.


Ray Watson and "The Bull Moose" with custom cowling and bright copper metallic paint.

See ​"Mega Moose"cover story in the May edition of Kitplanes Magazine.  A big thank you to writer Ken Scott for the great article, and aviation photographer Erik Johnston for the amazing images!