Moose Mods

Customized LS3 Corvette powered Murphy Moose Modifications


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The Concept


Moose Mods custom Murphy Moose adaptation

The concept and motivation behind MooseMods is simple:  Take a well designed airframe and focus on powerplant development and airframe enhancements for:

  • Improved performance with greater engine power and fuel efficiency

  • The use of new digital technology for ease of in- flight engine management


  • Aerodynamically efficient cowling for better speed and forward visibility

  • Structural Upgrades for Expanded Airframe Ruggedness and Operational Utility

  • Improved Personal Conveniences and In Flight Environmental Visibiliy……and an important measure of “Cool” thrown in for good measure! 

Watch for events in 2018

We are now completing the latest stage of R&D with additional engine package upgrades, including data logging to provide more precise fuel/air mixture ratio information. This will allow some new updated video clips to better demonstrate the performance of what most are calling a well deserved title as "a beast"!  The sound track will give a better idea of the amazing sound it produces...but as many have said...."You've just got to hear this thing!"

Taking The Murphy Moose to another level in Power, PERFORMANCE and Style

Ray Watson and "The Bull Moose" with custom cowling and bright copper metallic paint.

Out and About...the Bull Moose doing what it does...

Moose Mods, Murphy Moose customized LS3 Corvette engine adaptation

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This is a BIG airplane.  For reference, I stand at 6'2".